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Hunting in Slovenia. European Red Deer


General information

The recommended duration of the tour - 6 days / 5 nights: arrival day, up to 3 days - hunting, 1 day - registration of documents for the export of trophies and entertainment, the day of departure.
Permitted hunting season – from September 1 to December 31.
The best period for hunting is from October 1 till 15.
Hunting time - before dawn and in the evening before sunset and before nightfall.
Methods of hunting - hunting-tower or (and) stalking, as desired.
Firing range - up to 250 m.
Moving on hunting - by car and on foot.
Rent of weapons is possible.
The hunting region - the Alps.
The animals live in their natural habitat.
Success rate - 99%.


Hunting price

Price includes:
- transfer from Ljubljana airport to the hotel and back;
- accommodation and food;
- transport during the hunt;
- hunting guide;
- rifle and ammunition permit/rent weapon;
- documents for trophy export;
- interpreting service;
- visa support;
- fee of the tour organizer.

Price does not include:
- transport costs associated with your trip to Slovenia and back;
- trophy (boiled skull with horns);
- taxidermy services (optional);
- packing expenses and trophy sending to the customer (optional);
- alcoholic beverages;
- additional services and entertainment.

The cost of hunting will be calculated upon Your request, tailored to Your wishes. Please contact us for more details.

Payment terms
100% prepayment of the tour price, the rest at the place of fact.


List prices for the European Red Deer trophies in Slovenia:

Category CIC Price, EUR (without VAT) Price, EUR (VAT included)
up to 120 points 250,00 305,00
from 120.01 to 130 points 490,00 597,80
from 130.01 to 140 points 870,00 1061,40
from 140.01 to 150 points 1020,00 1244,40
from 150.01 to 160 points 1180,00 1439,60
from 160.01 to 170 points 1358,33 1657,16
from 170.01 to 175 points 1625,00 1982,50
from 175.01 to 180 points 1908,33 2328,16
from 180.01 to 185 points 2300,00 2806,00
from 185.01 to 190 points 2708,33 3304,16
from 190,01 to 195 points 3250,00 3965,00
from 195,01 to 200 points 3791,67 4625,84
from 200,01 to 204 points 4341,67 5296,84
from 204,01 to 207 points 4883,33 5957,66
from 207,01 to 210 points 5425,00 6618,50
for every point over 210.01 258,33 315,16


Note. Pre-processing of the trophy is included in the cost of the trophy.

Medal trophies
Medal Points CIC
Bronze 170,00 - 189,99
Silver 190,00 - 209,99
Gold 210,00 and more




Under favorable weather conditions, the majority of our hunts successfully completed the first day of hunting.

Most of the taken Roe Deer trophies are in the price range 600-1440 EUR (including VAT).

The paperwork for trophy export is only possible in working days.

If a guest wants to take away the pelt and (or) the game meat he must also buyback meat (whole carcass entirely).

You can order an individual tour based on their preferences and wishes. Just contact us in any convenient way for You, and we will calculate the cost of the tour at your request.

For those wishing to try dishes from meat of wild animals, game or traditional Slovenian dishes, possible organization of lunch (dinner) at the restaurant is possible in a cozy atmosphere and surrounded by hunting trophies and paraphernalia.

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